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Microsoft is Building a Decentralized Internet Using Bitcoin’s Mainnet

Any project that is based on the context of decentralization is a real treat for sure; the NFT adaptation was a huge success because it was something knitted from the context of decentralization. It is another topic that NFTs couldn’t last a little more, and its adoption is a bit of a juggling mess, but still, it is attributed to the realms of decentralization like cryptocurrencies. On the same pressing thought, the idea of a decentralized internet is out there, and it is very much executable but was never treated with full sincerity and seriousness that is required.

Microsoft has come forward with the concept of a decentralized internet, and it is already trying to build it on bitcoin’s mainnet. This has been in the works since March 2021 and is known as the ION decentralized identity network. It is among the most incredible projects going around in the crypto space. This will operate as an extremely permissionless network supporting the decentralized identifiers and the decentralized public key infrastructure.

Decentralized Internet may Become a Favorite Choice of People

This project aims to improve the decentralized space and is featured by Microsoft but is not directly tied to the organization in any shape or form. Users will have complete control of their data along with the information that they submit. This technology may give rise to a new type of internet, which will be freer, in full control of the users, built and designed to take care of their privacy.

This also means that the advertisement potential of the old internet will be lost, and the capitalism that is built for social media enterprises will have to succumb to the user-centric running of the ads and collection of wealth. This means that only the users will be able to play the ads and retrieve all the money that is tied to them, with social media channels settling for zero. Other than that, there are fascinating features of the decentralized internet, but the ION project is still in its very initial days, and no one knows if it will become the decentralized internet many have dreamed about.

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