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Digital Securities Exchange ADDX Secures A $200M Deal To Bring Cryptocurrencies To Chinese Investors

Today, ADDX (a Singapore-based exchange of digital securities) announced that it had made a deal of US$200M that will allow the prominent Chinese investors to access the digital securities in several types of assets. As per the statement of the firm, the agreement is between ADDX and ICHAM (a Singapore-based firm regarding the management of funds and wealth). ICHAM will be the main venue for making investments from China through the ICHAM fund, which is officially allocated to collect funds from the individuals and institutions in China via the QDLP (Qualified-Domestic-Limited-Partnership) scheme.

The QDLP program permits investors all over China to purchase into the funds of renminbi that invest in overseas assets. The quotas of funds are specified via a few prominent Chinese cities such as Beijing, Chongqing, Shenzhen, and Shanghai. In the last month, ICHAM was given an allocated amount of approximately US$200 by the government of Chongqing from its overall QDLP quota of US$5B. Danny Toe, the chief executive officer (CEO) of ADDX, has funded both ICHAM and ADDX.

The investors from China will be offered an opportunity to have access to digital securities regarding a variety of assets like VC funds, hedge funds, pre-IPO equity, real estate funds, structured products, and wholesale bonds through this partnership.

According to the chief commercial officer of ADDX named Oi Yee Choo, since the 2000s, a gradual launching of authorized channels such as QDLP has been taking place to permit portfolio diversification to investors in China. During the increasing prices of assets across China, this step by the country’s officials seems a sensible one to strengthen the most prominent individuals as well as the institutions of the country by offering them chances to avail themselves the excellent opportunities prior to taking their earnings back to the national economy for benefitting the native businesses. He added that the firm is in its initial stage of expediting the capital flow among China and the other world.

ADDX (established in 2017) is a firm regulated under Singapore’s Monetary Authority. Japan’s Development Bank, JIC-VGI (JIC-Venture-Growth-Investments), Heliconia Capital (owned by Temasek), and Singapore Exchange are the organizations that support the firm. While the recognized investors from China are able to make the investment in the digital assets via ICHAM-ADDX collaboration, the cryptocurrencies like stablecoins and Bitcoin have been kicked out of the country because the government expected them to pose dangers to the country’s social as well as financial stability.

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