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FXORO is in the House

On a recent blog post made by the founder of the IOTA foundation, David Sonstebo addressed the entire IOTA Foundation community.

With the ever-growing online trading markets, there are now many names making it to the front page. Every day, there is a new online trading platform that claims to offer its services in the most professional and profitable manner. However, with so many investments and users shifting to the online trading platform, many online trading firms are losing focus.

As per the recent surveys around 64% of the new investors find it very difficult to survive in complex trading environments. The majority of these investors have claimed that they were either provided with wrong information or no assistance at all.

Although 53% of the new investors confirmed that they have now found a better online trading solution, the rest of the 47% have expressed distrust in investing in the online trading industry ever.

Based on the above stats, it is now clear that the online trading markets will soon become deserted as there will be no investors to trade.

In order to tackle this problem, some of the major online trading exchanges have started developing and introducing new products. These products have been introduced keeping in mind the convenience of the customers/investors.

One such exchange is known as FXORO that has claimed that it has been developed with the sole purpose of serving its customers. The officials of the exchange have stated that they are doing whatever is necessary to ensure that their customers are never left alone.

The FXORO exchange has a list of trading accounts that it is currently offering its investors. Each account has been developed by the exchange to cater to the investors after categorizing them as per their experience.

The firm has confirmed that it utilizes the MetaTrader 4 trading platform in order to provide its investors with state of the art trading tools and services. The platform is equipped with all necessary features that include trading charts, trading signals, daily news, daily market reviews, and many more.

In addition to the trading platform, FXORO also offers its investors a highly sophisticated yet simplified educational program. The purpose of introducing this program is to ensure that the traders get to learn more and become empowered in making their own investment decisions.

When it comes to online trading platforms, one of the most important requirements is in compliance with major regulations. Some of the major regulations that FXORO fully adheres to are the KYC and AML policies.

Therefore, the investors do not have to worry about trading alongside a criminal or a corrupt politician that may be involved with illicit activities.

The exchange also announced that it has hired a large number of customer support representatives to assist millions of its users. These individuals are highly trained and experienced in the customer satisfaction sector and fully capable of solving customer queries.

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