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Polygon (MATIC) Surges to News ATH amid Positive Fundamentals

Briefly –

  • MATIC gained 15,000% this year, reaching $2.70.
  • Opera browser declares Polygon integration.
  • Uniswap DEX partnered with Polygon to facilitate L2 transfers.

Multiple lucrative fundamental developments saw ETH Layer2 aggregator Polygon’s in-house coin to ATH price today.

Polygon’s native coin MATIC attained a new all-time high some hours ago during early Asian sessions on Thursday. The alternative coin touched the $2.70 mark following an over 6% jump. Moreover, Polygon gained 26% within the past seven days. MATIC is among the top-performing digital currencies in 2021, defying the latest correction in the crypto market.

MATIC enjoyed its first impressive surge during mid-May sessions when the alt climbed to $2.45. After that, the crypto plummeted towards $0.70 lows as July ended before kick-starting its upswing. MATIC traded around $0.017 at the start of 2021. Since then, the alt has gained a staggering 15,200%, making Polygon one of the crypto projects with remarkable performance this year.

While publishing this blog, the alternative coin changed hands at $2.68, ranking 14 with its market capitalization of $18.4 billion (data from CoinGecko).

Opera and Polygon Tie Up

Polygon and MATIC have witnessed impressive fundamental developments recently. On 22 December, the top browser Opera declared integrating Polygon to support Ethereum Layer2 functionalities and DApp access within the web browser.

The integration will happen in 2022’s first quarter and allow Opera users access to over 3,000 decentralized applications on the MATIC ecosystem. For now, Opera boasts a Web3 browser with an in-built cryptocurrency wallet. So, the Polygon deal will offer cheaper and faster ETH transactions through the Layer2 platform.

An official stated that the Polygon cooperating would allow Opera to alleviate the primary challenge faced by cryptocurrency traders: slow transaction speed and high gas fees.

Uniswap Deployment

Also, Uniswap Labs declared deploying on Polygon yesterday. That comes from the top-notch support from the governance and community. Over 72 million Uniswap tokens supported the proposal, with only 500,000 against it.

That way, Uniswap exchange users will access token swaps, low-cost transactions, and high-speed transfers through the layer2 Polygon platform. On 15 December, Polygon unveiled Token Swap, another feature to enable DEX aggregators and instant token swaps.

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