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Stock Price Movement of Broadcom, Gap, and Smith & Wesson Brands

Below are some of the major companies that have made the biggest moves in today’s stock market. The investors must be mindful of their performance and what exactly holding on to their stocks would mean for them.

Broadcom Stocks Observe Over 3% Soar

It was on Thursday when the stocks for the chip manufacturing company went up. The data shows that Broadcom observed a more than 3% rise in the share prices in the extended trading. The shares for Broadcom rose significantly after the company officials shared the earnings data for the recently completed quarter.

According to the officials, it was the fiscal first quarter that finished with above expectation results. The officials announced that the performance the company delivered was more than the top and bottom estimations made by the analysts.

The officials confirmed that for the fiscal first quarter, the Refinitiv analysts had predicted that the company would achieve earnings worth $8.08 per share. However, Broadcom managed to achieve earnings worth $8.39 per share for the respective quarter.

The firm has revealed that even for the fiscal second quarter, they are looking at higher than expected earnings. So far, the performance of the company has been quite remarkable and they are looking forward to keeping the same trend alive for future quarters.

Gap Gains More than 8% Increase in Share Prices

The share prices for Gap have also risen more than 8% in extended trading. The rise was observed after Gap shared its earnings data for the fourth quarter of 2021. In the data, the Gap officials revealed that the losses the company observed for the respective quarter were less than the losses estimated by the Refinitiv analysts.

The officials revealed that for the respective quarter, the analysts had predicted that the company may observe losses worth 14 cents per share. However, the company only observed losses that were worth 2 cents per share for the fourth quarter.

As for the revenue, the Refinitiv analysts had predicted that Gap would achieve $4.49 billion. However, Gap managed to generate revenue worth $4.53 billion for the respective quarter of 2021.

Based on the earnings Gap has generated in the fourth quarter, the officials have upgraded the outlook for the entire running year. According to the analysts, they now expect the company to hit earnings that would be between $1.85 and $2.05 per share for the entire year. Moreover, the analysts have already shared the adjusted earnings expectations for the running year, which stand at $1.86 per share.

Other companies are also demonstrating very high gains in extended market trading. Some of these companies including Ford, Saudi Aramco, Berkshire Hathaway, and Johnson & Johnson that have been delivering high performances.

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