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Stock Price Movement of Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, and more Companies

Delta Air Lines – 6.2% Shares Soared by 6.2%

The stock prices for Delta Air Lines reportedly surged by 6.2% in the premarket trading. The share prices for the airline company rose after it announced that it has started recording high profits in the running quarter.

In the previous quarters, Delta Air Lines was just trying to cover the losses it had incurred. As the traveling is becoming consistent with no travel bans being implemented for several months, airline companies are now recording a rise in profits.

The airline company also shared its earnings report for the fiscal first quarter. For the respective quarter, Delta Air Lines announced that the losses it incurred were less than the estimations made by the analysts. Even in terms of revenue, Delta Air Lines has successfully generated higher than expected revenue in the fiscal first quarter.

American Airlines Shares Soared by 10.6%

American Airlines has also reported a successful fiscal first quarter. On top of that, the airline company has made the same claim as Delta Air Lines about the profits coming back after a long time. Since the announcement, the share prices for American Airlines have soared by 10.6%.

Southwest Airlines Shares Soared by 7.5%

The share prices for Southwest Airlines have also experienced a 7.5% elevation in the premarket trading. Southwest’s share prices surged due to the same reason as Delta and American Airlines. The company has also recorded a rise in its profits in the running quarter. As for the past quarter, the company reported the loss it recorded as lower than the estimations.

Norwegian Cruise Line Shares Soared by 6.2%

The share prices for Norwegian Cruise have also surged by 6.2% in the premarket trading. The share prices for the company have risen as traveling and tourism have gotten back to the pre-pandemic records. As people have now started traveling at a normal rate, the profits for the companies have also started coming back.

PayPal Holdings Shares Dipped by 2.9%

The share prices for PayPal Holdings have experienced a 2.9% dip in the premarket trading. The share prices for PayPal Holdings went down after it was revealed that John Rainey, the chief financial officer (CFO) of PayPal Holdings will be leaving the company.

John Rainey will be leaving PayPal Holdings and joining Walmart. He will be replacing Brett Biggs, who had been working at Walmart since 2015 as its chief financial officer. Since the announcement, the share prices for Walmart have experienced a 2.6% rise.

The date of John Rainey’s departure from PayPal Holdings and his joining at Walmart is yet to be confirmed. It is expected that the share prices for PayPal Holdings may dip even more.

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