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Southwest Airlines, Robinhood, and More Companies Making Stock Price Movements

When it comes to companies making stock price movements in the latest trends, the latest company is Southwest Airlines. The airline company has experienced a 2.2% fall in share prices in premarket trading. This happened because of the airline company’s cancellation of several flights. The data provided by Southwest Airlines has revealed that a total of 1,800 flights were canceled during the last weekend. The company revealed that the cancellations were due to staff shortages, air traffic control issues, and bad weather. The company has protested against the speculations made by the analysts with relation to protests carried out by employees of different airline companies.

Several airline companies had to proceed with canceling several flights, which was due to staff shortages. The staff shortages were caused due to protests from employees against the mandate of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The stock application from the United States “Robinhood” comes next in the list that has experienced a 2.1% drop in the stock prices in the premarket trading. The drop in Robinhood’s stock prices was observed following a filing submitted by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in regards to cryptocurrencies. In the filing, the US SEC has highlighted the risk factors involved in perform cryptocurrency trades through the application. It is not the application that the regulator has criticized but the cryptocurrency trades that are taking place through the application.

The US SEC has pointed out that the cryptocurrency trades are still taking place at a much higher rate despite the regulatory risks. From the regulators’ point of view, it is quite common for the regulators to react to sudden surges in cryptocurrency prices and market capitalizations. Whenever there is a surge in cryptocurrency prices, the regulators tend to publish intimations for the investors to stay vigilant and act cautiously. The regulators always stress upon local investors to ensure they do not invest too much into cryptocurrencies. It is because the investors may end up facing huge losses and there is no recovery of funds due to lack of regulatory framework.

Next in line is SoFi Technologies that has experienced a positive increase in share prices. The data shows that in the premarket trading, the share prices for SoFi Technologies have experienced a 3.1% rise. This is because of the investment banking giant “Morgan Stanley” taking interest in the shares of the fintech company. The sources reveal that Morgan Stanley has upgraded the status of the fintech company to “overweight”. The investment banking giant has announced that SoFi Technologies has been gaining vast growth and revenue in the recent quarters. The company’s performance has been recording a positive trend.

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