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Stock Price Movement of Dave & Buster’s and Pinterest

Dave & Buster’s Stocks Dipped by 50.9%

The share prices for Dave &Buster’s have experienced a tremendous dip in premarket trading. The report shows that the share prices for Dave &Buster’s have experienced a 50.9% dip after the restaurant chain shared its earnings report.

In the earnings report, Dave & Buster’s reported that it failed to meet the top and bottom expectations that were set for the company’s earnings. The investors seem to be really disappointed with the performance Dave & Buster’s has delivered in the past quarter.

In the earnings report, the executives at Dave & Buster’s reported that they were expected to generate 52 cents per share in the form of earnings. However, Dave & Buster’s only managed to generate 8 cents per share in earnings.

The difference between the estimated earnings and the actual earnings was huge. Therefore, the investors have lost their faith in the company’s performance in the upcoming quarters.

Dave & Buster’s even shared downgraded guidance for the upcoming quarters. According to the executives, its earnings have been impacted by the pandemic that resulted in the closure of restaurants for a very long period of time. COVID-19 has constantly made the situation worse for Dave & Buster’s and they are still trying to recover from the losses.

Most importantly, they have been impacted by the inflation rise and it may take longer than expected to recover.

Pinterest Stocks Dip by 2.7%

The stock prices for Pinterest have experienced a dip in premarket trading. According to sources, the share prices for the image-sharing giant experienced a 2.7% dip following the move made by analysts at Morgan Stanley.

The Morgan Stanley analysts have recently proceeded with downgrading the stock status for Pinterest to “equal-weight”. Before the downgraded was made, the stock status for Pinterest was “overweight”.

The analysts have remarked that over time, the trends and the monetization module offered by Pinterest have started deteriorating. The users now have to put in a lot of effort for low payouts, which is becoming very challenging for them. Therefore, Pinterest will need to come up with newer products to improve the potential for monetization.

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