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Stock Price Movement of Rivian, Procter & Gamble, and more Companies


The share prices for Rivian have experienced a dip in aftermarket trading. The dip was recorded after the analysts at RBC made a move on the stock status for Rivian. The analysts reportedly reiterated the stock status for the automaker.

In the remarks, the RBC analysts stated that they are confident that Rivian would continue delivering high gains and results in the upcoming quarters.

They also showed confidence in the production growth of Rivian. According to them, Rivian is gradually improving its ability and the process of the production of vehicles at its manufacturing plants. This is going to be a huge move from Rivian’s end and it would eventually let the investors benefit.

For a long time, the analysts at RBC have kept the stock status for Rivian to “outperform”. Even now, they have reiterated to all the investors and clients to keep trusting in the growth of Rivian. This is a positive sign for Rivian, as the automaker has strong support from investors at RBC.

Although the stock prices for Rivian initially experienced a 2% surge in midday trading, the aftermarket trading report showed it experienced a 3.4% dip.

The year-to-date analysis of Rivian’s stock price shows that it has observed a weighted growth of 47%.

Procter & Gamble

The share prices for Procter & Gamble have experienced a 1% dip in premarket trading. The dip was recorded after the JPMorgan analysts downgraded the stock status for Procter & Gamble. They reportedly downgraded the stock status for Procter & Gamble to “neutral”.

Before the change was made by the JPMorgan analysts, the stock status for Procter & Gamble stood at “overweight”. The analysts have spoken about the performance of Procter & Gamble in recent months. They highlighted that the high pressure being exerted by inflation is playing a negative role in the stock prices of Procter & Gamble.

As the cost of living is constantly rising, it is becoming difficult for Procter & Gamble to be a profitable source for people. With the inflation rates rising, people are now focused on saving up than spending at casinos.

United Parcel Service

The stock prices for United Parcel Service have moved into the negative side in the premarket trading. According to statistics, the share prices for UPS have dipped by 3.65% and its stock is now trading at $206.64 per share.

S.F. Express

The share prices for S.F. Express have reportedly experienced a huge surge. Therefore, the share prices for S.F. Express have moved up to $7.71 per share. The report has revealed that the share prices for S.F. Express have experienced a 7.22% surge to get to this point.

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