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Price Analysis of Mad Meerkat ETF (METF) and Locus Chain (LOCUS)

Mad Meerkat ETF and Locus Chain are currently among the top-performing cryptocurrencies in the past 24-hours. The rallies recorded for METF and LOCUS are over 50% and they are expected to experience high elevations in their values. Let us go through their statistics and see where they will be if the rallies persist.

Mad Meerkat ETF – Price Surged by 85.90%

Mad Meerkat ETF has experienced a huge surge in its value in the past 24-hours. The report shows that Mad Meerkat ETF has experienced an 85.90% surge in the past 24-hours. As a result, the price of Mad Meerkat ETF has been pushed up to a high of $257.79 per METF.

Before the rally came into play, the unit price of Mad Meerkat ETF was at a low of $158.64 per METF. The trading volume for Mad Meerkat ETF has also gone up by 371.38% in the same period. At the time of writing, the trading volume for Mad Meerkat ETF is worth $109,932,045.

The bulls are constantly growing stronger in terms of acquiring Mad Meerkat ETF and they have full support from the investors. If the rally keeps running on a high track, the price of Mad Meerkat ETF may continue to grow higher.

In the due course, the first elevation that the bulls may try and achieve with their strong buying force would be $313.16 per METF.

As the pressure continues to grow on the bears, they may continue withdrawing and the investors supporting them may also react the same. This would give more room to the bulls to expand the rally, bringing the price of Mad Meerkat ETF all the way up to $346.79 per METF.

Once again, the bulls may launch a stronger rally in order to make sure the price of Mad Meerkat ETF enters the resistance zone. For that, they will need to build enough power that they may succeed in pushing the price of Mad Meerkat ETF over the 384.07 per METF benchmark.

Locus Chain – Price Surged by 63.52%

Locus Chain has experienced a 63.52% surge in the past 24-hours, bringing the trading price of Locus Chain up to $0.1750 per LOCUS. Before the rally was formed by the bulls, the unit price of Locus Chain was at a low of $0.1049 per LOCUS.

The buying power of the bulls has successfully increased the trading volume of Locus Chain by 63.23%. At present, the trading volume for Locus Chain is at a high of $6,826,604.

In the upcoming days, the price of Locus Chain may continue growing with the strong buying input of the investors. As the rally continues, the price of Locus Chain may grow up to $0.2305 per LOCUS.

As the bulls keep acquiring more Locus Chain, its price may continue elevating. Going forward, the bulls may also attempt to bring the RSI and the moving averages of the Locus Chain to a high of $0.3096 per LOCUS.

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