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Best Buy CEO Talks about Challenges Faced Hiring Workers

For more than a year, the world’s economy had been affected by the pandemic. Due to the pandemic, the global economy went under a blackout and remained unrecoverable for several months. Now that the pandemic has started fading away, the global economy has started making a comeback.

Even though the global economy is going in the right direction, yet many problems are in place from the pandemic era that needs to be solved at the earliest.

At present, there are many problems for employed parents who are struggling to find proper child care services for their children. Then there are many people who have to take the health risks by going back to work and dealing with customers face to face.

As stated by many global economists, the world is no longer the same after the pandemic and has gotten used to things that happened during the pandemic.

Corie Barry, the CEO at Best Buy (BBY) has talked about the post-pandemic conditions and the challenges the company is currently facing. She talked about the company’s challenges during a discussion they touched during the earnings call for the company.

The reports have confirmed that the company’s earning discussion call was held on Thursday, June 3, 2021. Barry stated that while the small- and medium-sized businesses are not facing such issues, it is the big retailers and industries facing the most amount of challenges.

Barry revealed that since the beginning of 2021, Best Buy has been experiencing significant growth and surge in sales. She stated that the company is facing no such issues in that space but in the case of jobs. She stated that at present, they are facing a challenge in terms of job applications.

Barry stated that despite the surge in sales, the company is receiving very few applications for job/employment at the company. It is mainly due to people still being very cautious and concerned about the pandemic and its spread all over the country.

Despite the efforts made by the government to eradicate the aftermath of the pandemic, many people are still concerned about the situation. The people are concerned about the health problems as well as about the COVID waves that keep coming back over and over.

When it comes to parents having children, they are not able to leave their houses because the majority of the schools in the country are still closed. As education continues from home, the parents have to be there to guide their children and help them out through the classes, and tests.

Then another major factor is that are avoiding any face-to-face interactions with other people. This is the reason why they are not opting for retail jobs as they are still concerned about health problems.

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