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“Crypto Only” Cancer Fund Established By American Cancer Society

A crypto only donation fund has been established by the American Cancer Society. The Society aims to generate funds in donations up to US$ 1 Million for the funding of its cancer-based research programs before the end of 2021’s first quarter. Funds will be collected by the Society in collaboration with an independent crypto-based organization called The Giving Block through fundraising campaigns.

American Cancer Society, is an independent health-related voluntary society of the US-built for the welfare of cancer patients within the country. The ultimate objective of the Society is to exterminate cancer which has been taking millions of lives throughout the world every year. With the aim of eliminating cancer, the Society and its team have been working tirelessly researching on its causes and prevention.

Recently the Society has announced establishing a new donation fund that will receive funds in the shape of crypto only. This is the first of its kind crypto-based donation of the Society otherwise there are several funds but all are fiat-based. In the year 2020, the Society witnessed a massive decline in donations due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. Resultantly, several research projects for cancer had to be postponed until the availability of the funds.

Furthermore, the Society pointed out that it had to face an approximately 50% shortage of funds in 2020. In order to find a solution, the Society decided to launch a crypto fund and apprised that funds from the crypto community will reinstate their crucial research programs. In addition, when the funds will be available, Society will be able to provide breakthroughs and discoveries which can save the lives of millions.

As of today, the crypto-only fund is available and it was told that the Society has dedicated a separate web page for the fund. This webpage provides all the necessary information regarding the fund. Most importantly, the webpage suggests that donations can be provided in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, zcash, and many more.

It was also told by the Society that the first person donating at least US$ 250,000 will have the privilege to name the fund. There is this Wall of Honor as well wherein those donors will be enlisted who made donations over and above US$ 10,000.

Acting Chief Digital Officer of Society, Jeff Klass, also shared his thoughts over establishing the crypto-only fund. Klass said that he and his team of researchers would be glad to join hands with others in this noble mission of eliminating cancer. But in order to exterminate cancer every person is required to do his bit. First of all the cancer patients should be provided support to fight off this life-taking disease. He also appreciated the help and support promised by The Giving Block for the generation of funds.

Meanwhile, The Giving Block’s co-Founder, Pat Duffy stated that he believes that crypto can play an essential role for getting rid of cancer. He said that it is the responsibility of the crypto community to cure cancer and it can do so through donations.

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