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Easter Lockdown Placed by Italy Due to COVID Restrictions

Following the rise in the occurrences of the COVID cases in Italy, the country has started taking necessary actions to control the situation. It has been revealed that Italy is now planning to undergo a strict lockdown, which would see the entire country closed down.

It has been reported that none of the cities in the country will have the lockdown conditions lifted until the situation is under control. The sources confirm that not even the capital of Italy, Rome will be kept open during the strict practices of the lockdown.

The sources reveal that the same will be practice by the Italian Government for Milan, which is considered to be the country’s financial center.

However, the country is in the middle of assessing the situation and finding out if that is the last resort or not. The government officials are currently keeping a very close eye on the businesses to see exactly how things are working.

If the situation turns worse, then Italy will have no choice but to go for the strict step and make sure that the country is cleansed of the coronavirus once and for all.

However, for now, the country is imposing lockdowns on some of the most populated areas. The Italian Government has announced that the smart lockdowns on the selected areas will be implemented from Monday, March 15, 2021.

The Italian Government has made it clear that until Easter, the entire country will already be put under strict lockdowns. Therefore, the people from Italy will have to spend their Easter Holidays from inside their houses and not get out all.

The above announcement around the Easter Holiday lockdown was made by the Italian Government on Friday, March 12, 2021. It will now be the second Easter in a row when the entire country was practice strict lockdowns and curfews to contain the pandemic.

Back in 2020, Italy was considered to be the first country from the West that was hit hard by the pandemic. As a result of the pandemic, the country ended up suffering from thousands of casualties in the year 2020. Unfortunately, the number is still counting and the death toll has started rising in the country again.

As per sources, the number of coronavirus cases in the country has risen by 10% since last week. From the recent collection of data regarding the COVID cases, it is now clear that Italy needs to step up its game in order to contain the pandemic.

The country also needs to take strict actions and fully monitor the situation to ensure that the distribution of the vaccine is executed without anyone missing out on them.

So far, the country has imposed restrictions in around 20 regions, but with the latest surge in COVID cases, it is now expected that more areas will be included in the 20 regions.

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