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Jim Cramer from CNBC Gives an Investment Advice to Viewers

At present, there are many business channels on cable as well as the internet talking about the world economy and the expansion of businesses. The hosts and anchors of these shows are very knowledgeable about happenings around the world of business and the economy.

This is where Jim Cramer has found his passion for the future of business, science, and technology. He is one of the most demanded and currently, one of the most cherished TV hosts for the CNBC channel. He currently runs the “Mad Money” show aired through the CNBC channel.

He is known for talking about current businesses, potential endeavors, and even the expansion of cryptocurrencies. He is not just a person who talks about business but he also likes to invest in them. Therefore, any business or investment advice he gives comes straight from his experience and exposure in the investment markets.

Cramer is also a proponent when it comes to cryptocurrencies who currently back Bitcoin (BTC) as one of its biggest supporters. He even revealed that he has invested 5% of his personal portfolio in Bitcoin and Ethereum, both are the top two cryptocurrencies in the entire crypto-verse.

Due to his reputation in the business markets, many of his viewers like to hear his advice and act upon it from time to time. This time, Jim Cramer has given another investment advice to his followers and viewers about a startup that is based in China.

On Monday, June 28, Cramer talked about the potential of Didi, which is a ride-hailing company in china and is similar to Uber in providing services and expanding them.

Didi is now aiming to challenge international companies such as Uber and Careem when it comes to market demand and expansion. This is the reason why Didi executives had recently announced that they were planning to get the company enlisted publicly through the US Stock Exchange.

For this, Didi is going to set off with an initial public offering (IPO), which would allow investors to acquire its shares before it officially launches on the US Stock Index.

Didi has confirmed that it will be going ahead with the launch of its shares in the US public market in the running week. Cramer stated that the valuation shared by the company and the share prices are also looking extremely reasonable.

Cramer stated that if his advice is required, then he is all in for investing in the shares for Didi. He advised all his viewers and followers that there is a lot of potential investing in Didi shares. Therefore, if someone is interested to invest in fast-growing shares of a company, then they should go for Didi.

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