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Joe Biden’s First Foreign Visit to Renew US Leadership on International Level

Ahead of the G-7 summit and his meeting with Vladimir Putin, US President Biden has written an opinion piece for the Washington Post. In the article, he has outlined the vision and agenda for his first foreign visit of his presidency. The post revealed that during the trip the US President has many meetings arranged with the country’s closest democratic partners.

It is going to be a busy week for the US President as he prepares for the first overseas trip of his presidency.

Recently the White House rejected the Republican’s latest counteroffer on the price tag of Biden’s infrastructure plan. However, the President would have to leave the issue aside as domestic priorities take a back seat to his first foreign trip. In Washington Post, he says that his goal is to restore some strained alliances and renew US leadership on the international stage.

The US President will also meet the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson before attending the G-7 summit. Once these wrap up the US President and First Lady will visit the Queen at Windsor Castle. From there he will head to Brussels for meetings with leaders on the sidelines of NATO and EU summits including Turkish President Erdogan.

President Joe Bide has reversed several policies of his predecessor Donald Trump realigning the US once again with its allies on global issues. These issues include subjects like Covid-19, climate change, immigration, trade, and security. He also added the issue of confronting the damaging actions of the Chinese and Russian governments. The US President says that he would continue working towards this goal during his upcoming trip.

Amongst his top priorities shall be ending the pandemic, improving health security for all nations, and driving robust inclusive global economic recovery.

Biden has also highlighted that the world’s major democracies will offer a high standard alternative to China for upgrading physical, digital, and health infrastructure. It is suggested that this will be more resilient and support global development.

The US-China trade war is influencing global economies and the impact can be felt in Europe as well. Countering China’s global threat to trade will also be Biden’s top focus.

Another key focus of President Biden’s upcoming trip will be his bilateral meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva. He plans to raise human rights abuses and Ukraine aggression with cybersecurity attacks slated to be a primary topic of discussion.

Tensions between the US and Russia have escalated under Biden’s presidency on various issues. Amongst these issues are Ukraine, US election meddling, solar winds hacking, the expulsion of diplomats, and the killer comment made by Joe Biden. Ahead of the summit, Putin claims that he doesn’t expect any breakthrough while Biden has pledged to protect American interests and partners.

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