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Price Analysis of Mad Meerkat ETF (METF) and Savanna (SVN)

The prices of Mad Meerkat ETF and Savanna have grown in the past 24-hours at astounding rates. Their growth rates in the past 24-hours have been much higher than what the major cryptocurrencies haven’t managed to achieve in an entire week.

These cryptocurrencies are currently in the spotlight and the major data analyzing firms have shared their predictions surrounding METF and SVN. Let us go through their technical analysis of METF and SVN and see how far they are aiming to grow:

Mad Meerkat ETF Price May Surge to $168.23

The bulls have reportedly grown very strong in the past 24-hours, as they have formed a 28.84% rally in favor of Mad Meerkat ETF. They are constantly going for higher gains and so far, they have managed to bring the price of Mad Meerkat ETF all the way up to $127.92.

Before the bulls started the marathon, the price of Mad Meerkat ETF was at a low of $93.62. However, they continue investing more money into Mad Meerkat ETF, which has worked like a charm and Mad Meerkat ETF is currently experiencing a high trend.

The trading volume for Mad Meerkat ETF has also surged and it is currently at $5,296,241. If the trend stays alive and the bulls keep acquiring more Mad Meerkat ETF, then the price of Mad Meerkat ETF may grow up to $146.55 per METF.

The RSI for Mad Meerkat ETF is currently at 56.44 and the summary scale is supporting the buying sentiments. This means that the bulls can continue investing in Mad Meerkat ETF without any worries. Instead, they may soon welcome neutral investors to their side who wouldn’t want to lose the opportunity of generating gains.

If things continue going in favor of the bullish trend, then the price of Mad Meerkat ETF may surge to $156.91 per METF.

The bulls may make another attempt in order to test the true potential of the bears. They may try hitting and crossing the resistance entry point, which is $168.21 per METF. If the bulls manage to take down the barrier, they may launch METF into the strong resistance zone.

Savanna Price May Surge to $2.99

Savanna investors are going for higher gains in the past 24-hours, which is why they have formed a strong 22.31% rally in its favor. Savanna is experiencing the same trend as METF and it is in the same territory.

The bulls are in power and they have pushed it from a low of $1.61 per SVN to a high of $2.18 per SVN. If the buying power of the Savanna bulls continues to grow higher, then the price of Savanna may rush to $2.42 per SVN.

In the upcoming days, the buying spree may continue and the price of Savanna may surge to $2.69 per SVN.

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