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Price Analysis of Sologenic (SOLO) and Opulous (OPUL)


The value of Sologenic has been pushed up by the bulls in the past 24-hours, bringing its unit price to a high mark. The analysis report for Sologenic has revealed that the cryptocurrency has recorded a 25.28% surge in the past 24-hours.

Due to the surge, the price of Sologenic has elevated from a low of $0.3574 per SOLO to a high of $0.4518 per SOLO.

The bulls have been working really hard alongside the bulls to keep the trading volume for Sologenic to a higher mark. This is because the higher the trading volume in Sologenic, the higher the demand there would be for Sologenic.

If the bulls manage to maintain a high trading volume plus a strong rally, the price of Sologenic may get pushed up to $0.5089 per SOLO. The trading volume for Sologenic has also experienced a 55.95% and the volume has been pushed up to $6,109,980.

With the sentiments of the investors constantly growing positive, more investments would keep coming Sologenic’s way. This way, the price of Sologenic may elevate to another high price of $0.5732 per SOLO.

As the bulls constantly keep building pressure over the bears, the rally rate would continue growing stronger and higher. This would also push the RSI for Sologenic to the upper zone. This would make the technical factors for Sologenic also move into the bullish zone.

As a result, the price of Sologenic may end up getting pushed up to the major resistance mark. At the time of writing, the major resistance mark for Sologenic is worth $0.6454 per SOLO.


Opulous’s price is also moving in the upper trend in the past 24-hours, as it has experienced a 24.73% surge. The trading price of the OPUL/USDT pair before the rally hit was worth $0.6742 per OPUL. However, the bulls successfully formed the rally and push the price of the Opulous to a high of $0.8461 per OPUL.

If the sentiments of the investors remain strong, they may continue driving the price of the Opulous to a higher trend. This would mean that the price of the Opulous may continue surging, and the next high price they may hit would be $0.9507 per OPUL.

With the momentum constantly rising in favor of the bullish trend, the price of the Opulous may surge to a high of $1.06 per OPUL.

The main focus of the investors would be to push the price of the Opulous into the resistance channel. But to push Opulous into the particular zone, the RSI and the moving averages of Opulous will need to be moved into the bullish zone first.

Therefore, the bulls will have to prove their buying prowess over the bulls, which would attract more investors to the bullish side. This would result in pushing the price of Opulous to a high of $1.20 per OPUL

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