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The Hideways Is Making Noise With Huge Presales Numbers

The end of this year is marked by an influx of new exciting projects that are entering the market at the worst possible moment.

The timing could not be worse for some of the new projects that would otherwise be positioned to take over the market.

As prices across the industry continue falling, circumstances feel pressure, to say the least.

We had good news from Big Eyes Coin, one of the most promising meme coins in the industry, which generated over $11 million in presales. Now, we are hearing that Hideways is on its way to beating this record.

A new NFT-minting platform for real estate

The utility of NFTs is one of the most hotly debated topics in the crypto world. Skeptics are saying that NFTs only create problems and solve them instead of adding value to industries that they are supposed to disrupt.

Due to the limited scope of actually interesting use cases, the general attitude of the crypto community is close to negative.

However, projects like Hideways (HDWY) are in a unique position. Hideways will mint NFTs based on real estate adding physical value to the equation.

Users can finally have that they have NFTs backed by something that can be used in the physical world. Depending on the market value of the real estate, the price of NFT will also change.

The true utility of this financial instrument is still questionable as some legal details of how ownership will be transferred and whether the real estate can be used by holders of NFTs immediately are ironed out.

The idea is neat and the demand for NFTs with a distinct use case that can add value to the digital asset is there.

Hideways is a project to watch closely

Investors who want to enter the market now and buy tokens that have a strong potential to go up in price should take a closer look at Hideways (HDWY).

The project is in its presale phase right now with a minimal entry price of $100. NFTs will be traded on all appropriate marketplaces.

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