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iHeartMedia Plans To Launch A NFT Giveaway

Cory, the electronic performer behind the prominent boxer Mike’s Non-Fungible Token series, would release his iHeartMedia-motivated line on the 14th of September.

In collaboration with ecological Non-Fungible Token network OneOf, media managing firm iHeartMedia proposes to give out free irreversible Non-Fungible Tokens: this function can expose virtual collectables to much more music enthusiasts.

The goal of this function is to advertise the iHeartRadio Festival, which will be situated in Vegas from the 17th of September to the 18th of September. Visitors may get complimentary Non-Fungible Tokens “poker chips” just on the OneOf network beginning Tuesday. One can acquire close to 1m NFT until the 14th of September. Those who complete the collection will be qualified for an exclusive NFT designed by designer Cory. Cory is the professional artist driving the prominent boxer Mike’s Non-Fungible Tokens project, as per Cointelegraph.

Lew’s Non-Fungible Token release date is set to the 14th of September and will represent OneOf’s concept of For All supporters, “Eco-Responsible” and “Artist First.” As per the businesses, relics in the upper Non-Fungible Tokens categories contain digital signatures from event performers. Supporters may get such Non-Fungible Tokens by contributing a gift, with a hundred percent of the revenues benefiting United Nations-backed environmental impact projects.

Even though the businesses did not specify exact musicians who had their autographs incorporated in the Non-Fungible Tokens collection, the event features appearances from Coldplay, Maroon 5, Billie Eilish, Khalid, J. Cole, and many more.

OneOf collected $63m in favor of their so-called sustainable Non-Fungible Token network, which focuses on singers as well as other musicians, which Cointelegraph revealed in May. This Tezos-powered network acts as a platform for musicians and enthusiasts to mint, buy, and sell electronic collectibles.

This iHeartRadio Festival would cast a focus just on the Non-Fungible Token sector, which is attracting celebrities, giant corporations, and large financiers. During the very 1st half of the current year, Non-Fungible Token revenues exceeded $2.5b. If current trends continue, the marketplace may easily outperform that amount in the latter part of the current year. Just an example, Non-Fungible Token revenue exceeded $900m, far beyond doubling the prior month’s record of $255m established in May. Even though the CryptoPunks series has received a lot of attention in recent times, electronic valuables in other areas are also drawing a lot of money. Pet rock Non-Fungible Tokens based on Ether has sold a million units, with one of the most important purchases in the series fetching a retail value of $1.9b.

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