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Hackers Viewed its Source Code, Says Microsoft

Hackers Viewed its Source Code, Says Microsoft

Following the massive hack that resulted in the U.S. Government’s Security being breached, Microsoft has made more revelations. Microsoft officials have announced that during the hack that took place on American security, the hackers also managed to gain access to Microsoft’s source code.

The revelation was made by Microsoft on a blogpost where it dropped the news on the entire Microsoft community. It stated that although the hackers were able to gain access to its source code, yet none of the customer data or Microsoft (MSFT) services were compromised.

However, the company revealed that the hackers did manage to gain enough access to Microsoft’s system that they viewed the company code.

Microsoft’s investigation team shared the results of their initial investigation of the hack. The team confirmed that through their investigation, they were able to establish one abnormality. The abnormality was that one of the admin accounts was accessed by the hackers. Using that account, the hackers were able to gain access to the company’s source code from a number of source code repositories.

The investigating team confirmed that as the accessed account did not have enough privileges, therefore, no changes were made to the source code. The investigating team confirmed that it happened because the account they breached did not have engineer level access.

The team confirmed that upon conducting a thorough investigation, they can verify that there were no changes made to the source code. Additionally, the investigating team has also accessed and remediated the affected accounts.

The team investigating the incident has made some very concerning claims regarding the hackers who breached the security system. As per the investigation team, the hackers who carried the hack were very well-resourced, organized, and sophisticated.

They carried out the hack in a very precise and discreet manner and left no traces. For the time being, the investigation team has not been able to find any clues that would lead them back to hackers.

The investigating team has revealed that their investigation can suggest what the motive of the hackers was. The team suggested that with such high-level resources and planning, the hackers may have been after the government secrets.

In order to provide a better understanding of the level of risks involved, the investigation team has explained exactly what the source code is. The team has revealed that the source codes are the basic level building blocks of computer programs.

These are instructions that the programmers add in order to create a computer program or an application.

In the entire history of Microsoft, this has happened for the first time that some hackers were able to find a way into the company’s security system. Microsoft has even verified this information by providing information on the above.

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