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How Kyle Dennis Made $2.8 Million Trading Stocks Part-Time

How Kyle Dennis Made $2.8 Million Trading Stocks Part-Time

Kyle Dennis, a man with no background in trading business at all and who was working a real estate agency after completing his graduation, somehow decided to use his funds worth US$ 15,000 for buying stocks from the trade market for the purposes of having a secondary income. He was certain that what he requires in his life will not be fulfilled through his primary job. What happened thereafter is nothing more than a miracle.

At his office luckily he found a man who was already in the business of trading stocks and was sitting right next to him so he was learning a great deal from this man. Kyle then decided that if he wants to improve his lifestyle then he should take the risk and start investing in stocks. He finally invested his money which he was saving for a long time and bought the stocks.

Miraculously one day he witnessed that his trading account which he was maintaining for the purposes of conducting stock trade started to grow considerably. He was earning and learning at the same time and with each day passed his trading skills were increasing and so is the gains.

According to news, in a single year, Kyle was able to make an amount of US$ 838,000 in the form of profits. However, in a less than 4 years period, Kyle emerged as a full-fledge stocks trader, and with the help of his experience and commitment, he turned his relatively small investment of US$ 15,000/- into US$ 2.8 million. According to news Kyle is working with Raging Bull which is an online-based trading platform and has been able to quit his day job and inducted stocks trading as his primary source of income.

The news also suggests that Kyle is not the first one hailing from this background. One such story is related to a person called Joe who is a math student but according to news reports he was able to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in the year 2020 only and that too in less than one year.

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