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XPeng Shares its Plans for Future to Gain Trust from Investors

Ever since Tesla tried making its way into the Chinese electric car market, several local electric vehicle startups have debuted in China. The aim of these companies is to compete with Tesla as well as with other electric car manufacturing companies within the country.

When it comes to the major Chinese local electric car manufacturing companies, there are XPeng, Nio, BYD, and Li Auto. Although BYD is by far the largest and most revenue-generating electric car manufacturing company from China, other startups are not ready to lose the marathon.

Just recently, XPeng has shared its future plans for the electric car manufacturing sector. With the revelation of its plans, XPeng is aiming to bring more investors on board so it can benefit from its investments.

The company is already enlisted through the United States Stock Exchange and it is constantly experiencing highs and lows in terms of its share prices. The Chinese electric vehicle (EV) company has announced what it is planning to do in the coming years in order to boost its sales.

The first announcement XPeng has made is in regards to the company going global. Until now, the electric car manufacturing company has delivered cars within China and supplied them in other countries on demand.

So far, the company has not gone official in other parts of the world, but it may soon make an announcement of doing so. The company is aiming to become the largest electric car manufacturing company in the world.

The company has also announced that it is aiming to achieve more than launching electric cars. The company has announced that it is planning to develop the technology for flying cars and it is also making a move into the robotics sector.

The CEO and founder of XPeng, Xiaopeng has revealed that at present, the entire electric car manufacturing sector is faced with a shortage of chips. This is the reason why the development of many projects is currently on halt.

It is expected that the production of the chips will stabilize by the beginning of 2022. When that happens, XPeng will be able to launch its strategy for the new projects and provide more vehicles to the consumers to gain more prominence.

XPeng has already worked on its flying car project and at the beginning of 2021, it even unveiled the prototype it is already working on. The company is also aiming to launch new vehicles that will become part of the transport system in the coming years.

The company is also aiming to launch flying models for transport companies that they will be able to use for transportation. With the announcement of its plans, XPeng is bound to experience a rise in its share prices in the upcoming months.

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