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In An Attempt To Counter China & Pakistan, India To Buy Drones

30 armed drones are expected to be acquired from the United States (US) by the Indian Government. This is in a bid to upgrade its sea and land defenses as tensions remain with rival neighbors China and Pakistan.

The tricolor nation will be buying 30 MQ-9B Predator drones, worth $3 billion, mass-produced by General Atomics based in San Diego. This was revealed by officials who preferred to remain anonymous.

The drones are supposed to be used for reconnaissance and surveillance, thus boosting India’s military competences.

India is America’s crucial defense ally, particularly to work against Chinese impact in the Indian Ocean. The Chinese impact which has extended all the way to some Southeast Asian territories.

The Modi governments is focused on a 10 year plan for modernization of military, which is said to be worth $250 billion.

Lloyd Austin, the Defense Secretary of the US is likely to pay a visit to India this month. While the US president is expected to join leaders from India, Australia and Japan virtually to discuss maritime security issues.

The General Atomics’ Chief Executive, Vivek Lall commented that India-US relation was an outcome of years of efforts from both sides. He further wrote that defense cooperation was the top most priority in their bilateral relationship, thus reflecting their shared security goals.

The MQ-9B drone has an aviation of around 1,700 kilograms and can fly for up to 48 hours. It will provide the Indian troop with a tool to observe warships of China in the southern Indian Ocean.  Additionally the drone is expected to equip the army in engaging targets along the disputed Pakistan-India boundary in the Himalayas.

In 2020, two weaponless MQ-9 Predators were leased by India as there was a  threat that border tensions with China would escalate. However, they were never deployed as the Air Force apprehended drones operated by US personnel flying above the border.

As India’s relations with US keep getting better, its relations with China worsens. In 2020 a conflict between the two arose over the disputed region in the Himalayas. Recently, the two neighboring countries are competing to build infrastructure along the Line of Actual Control.

India and Pakistan’s ties have always been complexed, partly because of historical reasons and partly political reasons. India leaves no chance to show its hostility towards Pakistan. Political leaders of both the countries have in the past tried to mellow down the tension but it has almost always been momentary. India and Pakistan have several issues that need to be resolved, however, there is always one side not ready to resolve those issues.

India, Pakistan and China are currently three of the nine countries having nuclear power. Thus the tensions between China and India, and Pakistan and India are a cause of growing concern for security. The entire world could be affected by tensions between these three nuclear powers.

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