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Price Analysis of Structure finance (STF) and Mirrored iShares Gold Trust (mIAU)

Structure finance (STF) – 83.89% Price Rally

On May 6, the investors were buying and trading Structure finance at a low price of $0.03157 per STF. At that time, there was a lot of fear among the bullish investors about investing in Structure finance. Therefore, they weren’t making any moves to push its trading price higher.

The bears used such sentiments of the bullish investors to their advantage. They intensified their selling from May 6 until May 10, bringing Structure finance down to $0.02043 per STF.

It seemed that the trend would remain the same and even by the midday of May 11, the situation hadn’t gotten any better. Instead, the situation had gotten worse as the trading price of Structure finance had plummeted to $0.01157 per STF.

This is when the bulls mustered up the strength to run a strong bullish trend. They realized that it was beneficial for them to launch a rally because the bears were trying so hard to press it down.

From the midday of May 11 until now, the bulls have continued buying Structure finance. This has formed an 83.89% rally in favor of Structure finance and it may continue gaining momentum. At the time of writing, the trading price of Structure finance is worth $0.03718 per STF.

If the investors keep on pouring more and more money into the cause, then the trading price of Structure finance may continue elevating. In the upcoming days, the bulls will have invested enough money to push Structure finance up to $0.05859 per STF.

Going forward, the bulls may continue breaking through the strong defenses of the bears. Such an aggressive act would allow the bulls to push Structure finance to $0.07298 per STF.

Mirrored iShares Gold Trust (mIAU) – 67.54% Price Rally

At the time of writing, the trading price of Mirrored iShares Gold Trust is worth $29.21 per mIAU. The bullish investors are doing whatever they can to defend their strong position. The bulls have finally achieved a high trading price of Mirrored iShares Gold Trust forming a 67.54% rally.

The investors started investing money in Mirrored iShares Gold Trust when it was at a low of $12.15 per mIAU. Initially, the bulls struggled to form a small-level rally but from there, they continued gaining momentum.

Over time, more investors with bullish sentiments continued joining the trend. They continued investing their money into Mirrored iShares Gold Trust at a higher level. Therefore, the trading price of Mirrored iShares Gold Trust grew up to a high of $36.95 per mIAU.

As the buying power of the investors continues to grow stronger, Mirrored iShares Gold Trust’s trading price may surge to $41.88 per mIAU.

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