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Russian Billionaire is Urging the Bank of Russia to Adopt Bitcoin as Soon as Possible

According to the Russian Billionaire Oleg Deripaska Russia should follow in on the footsteps of El Salvador and accept Bitcoin right away. There might be something thick boiling here, but getting hopes up in the context of Russia finally going for Bitcoin adoption is a long shot even right now. 

According to Oleg, the Bank of Russia has strong regulations in effect when it comes to the adoption of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. It does pose a threat to the digital financial future of Russia if it could ever have one. He has literally blamed the practices of imposing further regulations by the Bank of Russia on cryptocurrency as debilitating and crippling for a greater Defi cause the whole world seems to be squeezing towards.

Russia should Heed the Financial Progress of El Salvador, According to Oleg Deripaska

Oleg says that if the poor countries in terms of GDP have limited resources and have a hard time stabilizing a crypto-oriented infrastructure as the likes of El Salvador can go for Bitcoin adoption, why can’t Russia? Well, the statement doesn’t seem to hold much weight because if Bitcoin adoption was actually clear to the world nations and its importance laid with facts and predicted figures, then more substantial nations of the world such as the UK, USA, Russia, and Europe would have already adopted Bitcoin in their primary financial framework but as it happens they haven’t and it is an absolute brainer at the moment. 

Talking about the foreign trade settlements, Oleg once again stretched the importance of cryptocurrency that could lead to financial independence in the sector and making things effective for traders and buyers simultaneously. While it might be solid advice from Oleg, it usually falls deaf on government officials and financial regulators

At the moment, there is no possibility of Russia accepting Bitcoin, but if the same is true for the future, one can’t say. Even if people seem interested and are willing to become an active part of the government’s Bitcoin adoption program, it doesn’t mean the government will issue or provide them with one unless the global stance around cryptocurrencies changes.

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