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After Issuance Of OFAC Guidance, GitHub Has Unbanned Repositories For Tornado Cash

It seems that after ben banned and sanctions being filed, Tornado Cash, a cryptocurrency mixer has found GitHub to be its savior.

Tornado Cash offered via GitHub

After being banned for several, GitHub has come out as the savior of Tornado Cash. The software development platform has announced that it will be offering Tornado Cash services through its protocol.

It has been confirmed that GitHub has unbanned Tornado Cash through its platform. In addition to GitHub, it has also allowed the contributors to use their platform.

Tornado Cash’s Full Functionality is Still Pending

According to the users and the market analysts, despite reinstating Tornado Cash, GitHub has not fully put it back on functioning. The functionalities of the platform are still not usable. This means that the platform is still planning to make its move.

As per many GitHub visitors, the repositories for Tornado Cash are yet to be put in place as they are currently in the read-only mode.

It is expected that GitHub may soon make an announcement in regards to putting Tornado Cash’s full functionalities in place.

A Positive Sign for Tornado Cash Community

Although GitHub has not made Tornado Cash functional, it is a positive sign for the Tornado Cash community that the platform is visible.

Many users have been seen demanding GitHub reverse every action that has been performed on Tornado Cash to close it down. They are demanding that the platform must be put back to its old state where everyone was able to use it.

Tornado Cash was banned by the UFAC

It was the Foreign Asset Control Office of the United States, commonly known as OFAC that had banned the usage of Tornado Cash for the residents of the country.

Following the banning of the Tornado Cash service, the OFAC also proceeded with the blacklisting of addresses linked with the platform.

The OFAC reportedly blacklisted 44 Ether (ETH) and USD Coin (USDC) addresses that were linked with Tornado Cash.

GitHub was Available on Tornado Cash from September 13

GitHub made the Tornado Cash repository available through its platform right after the announcement made by the OFAC. The OFAC went on to provide clarifications surrounding its policies for Tornado Cash.

This gave GitHub the confidence to put Tornado Cashback on the platform. The OFAC had announced that no sanction violations would be committed by the US residents if they simply copied the code available for the mixer.

There will be no action taken against the US residents even if they made the code of the mixer available online. The community now hopes that Tornado Cash would soon be made available for use on GitHub.

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