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Bitcoin’s Supply Shock is Happening Right Now as Withdrawal Rate Increases

There is a new panic in the crypt market that the supply shock of Bitcoin is a bit underway because the investors keep on thawing and liquidating their Bitcoin assets for good. This has rendered Bitcoin in a supply shock, and according to Willy Woo, who is an on-chain analyst, this new trend will put more and more Bitcoin out of circulation for good. This is because the long-term holders have continued to rank the Bitcoin supply from the short-term holders. This is known as the Bitcoin supply ratio that is estimated by differentiating the strong and weak hands simultaneously. 

Bitcoin’s blockchain system is celebrating more than 32k users daily, which is pretty huge, and thus the supply will be shorted accordingly. Most of these new users are investors interested in buying the Bitcoin price dip, thus genuinely shorting the supply of the Bitcoin tokens in general. 

Bitcoin might not be Able to Retain the Real Players of the Trading Game

But this is not so much, so a piece of news to ponder one’s emotions around as matching at the same rate the withdrawal rate for Bitcoin has also gone up, which presents with an opportunity for one’s gasps and worries. This literally means that only the new or short-term investors are going to be an integral part of the Bitcoin market and the long-term or old players of the game are all but ready to pass the mantle.  

It is happening because of the intense regulations that are being worked up by the regulatory bodies around the crypto market, which are making the lives of the investors miserable, and their original investment within the sector is hurting. 

Barclays, which is a UK-based bank, noticed their customers that they are no longer in business with Binance and hence can’t allocate or authenticate a transaction requesting a deposit towards the crypto exchange. This is basically a reflection of the FCA’s guidelines to cut off any ties with Binance over regulatory trouble in the UK, but at the end of the day, these are the investors or people who want to join the crypto landscape who suffer the consequences of these things.

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