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Microsoft Edge Is Currently Working On The Development Of An Ethereum Wallet

Ethereum wallet

Users would be able to accept and send crypto and NFTs using this functionality without requiring additional extensions. The wallet, presently in a restricted testing phase, is designed as a non-custodial remedy, giving users full authority over their money.

Early Stages Of Development

Per a report from BleepingComputer, the Edge browser’s experimental feature was found by a software documenter alias known as “Albacore.” The public keys of the Edge Cryptocurrency Wallet facilitate accepting payments, while the private keys that authorize transactions must be kept secret by users.

However, the wallet is still in the early stages of development and is only accessible to Microsoft Edge Dev (Developer) Channel users. Amidst the onboarding procedure, Microsoft has emphasized that it doesn’t possess any means of accessing recovery keys or users’ passwords.

Testers must create a password and a 12-word phrase for recovery to protect and regain their cryptocurrency wallet. After the onboarding process is complete, the wallet makes an Ethereum address.

The Edge Cryptocurrency Wallet can handle several Ethereum accounts, allowing users to read cryptocurrency news and connect to dApps (decentralized apps). Microsoft has collaborated with Consensys to offer an integrated crypto swap feature, allowing users to swap between $DAI, $ETH, $UNI, $USDT, and $USDC.

However, there are suggestions that Bitcoin wallet support may be incorporated later. A Microsoft spokesperson commented on the development: “we continuously test fresh features to offer novel experiences to our customers. We are eager to learn and gather consumer feedback, but we currently have no further information to share.”

A Major Market Rally Is On The Horizon – Crypto Expert

Smart Contracter, a well-known cryptocurrency analyst who accurately predicted the 2018 BTC bottom, has made a bullish prediction for Ethereum. The crypto expert, with a following of 221,400 on Twitter, believes that Ethereum’s correction has ended, and it is poised to experience a significant surge in price.

Smart Contracter pointed out that ETH/BTC has recently dropped to a 6-month low and is only 3% away from its primary buy zone.

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