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A Man from Britain is Eager to retrieve his Hard Drive with 7,500 Bitcoin (BTC)

As the Bitcoin (BTC) prices shoot through the roof, more and more individuals are emerging who did not pay any attention to BTC in the past. When Bitcoin (BTC) first started, there were many computer geeks and tech-savvy people who went for Bitcoin (BTC). At that time, Bitcoin (BTC) was not even on mainnet, which is the reason why it had no worth to it.

There were many who ended up mining a huge amount of Bitcoin (BTC) but forgot about them in the due course. It was not until 2017 when Bitcoin (BTC) actually started building up with respect to its price and came down after a few days.

However, in the previous year as well as the current one, Bitcoin (BTC) has managed to gain a lot of value and reputation. This has made Bitcoin (BTC) somewhat stable and a very safe asset for investments.

At the time of publishing, The Bitcoin (BTC) price is hovering around $36k per BTC and as per predictions, this price is only going to go higher.

In the light of the above, many people have now started finding their devices though or in which they had stored their mined Bitcoin (BTC) a year back.

There is one particular man from Britain who is now dreaming of becoming a very rich and wealthy person. However, there is only one thing between him and the riches, which is the hard drive that he had accidentally thrown away.

James Howells who is an IT guy from the profession, claims that he had a total of 7,500 Bitcoin on his hard drive. In order to find his hard drive, James Howells has already commenced the scavenger hunt. If he manages to find the hard drive he threw away, he will have around $270 million added to his fortune.

In order to achieve his goal, James Howells has even approached the Newport city council. He has requested the Newport city council to let him excavate the landfill site. Howells is confident that the hard drive he accidentally threw away will be there.

Along with the request, James Howells has offered the Newport city council a whopping amount of over $70 million if they allow him to dig up the site.

Unfortunately, the offer made by the IT person has been rejected and denied by the Newport city council. It has been confirmed that it is not the first time the Newport city council has rejected his offer. Howells has made them several offers in the past and every single time, they have rejected it.

The Newport city council stated that their licensing permit does not allow them to approve of the excavation at the landfill site. The council also stated that if they did allow it, it would have a devastating impact on the area’s environment.

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