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Billionaire Investor Mark Cuban Calls DeFi “The Next Growth Engine” For The United States

The owner of Dallas Mavericks and investor, Mark Cuban, called for a push towards digital assets innovations like DeFi, by the United States government and its lawmakers. The billionaire wrote about the prospect of DeFi industries in a blog post. Mark wrote some positive words regarding DeFi and expressed his opinion of how the United States should embrace the crypto innovation with open arms rather than putting restrictions on it. Otherwise, the owner argued that the United States will miss out on the next big push to its economy.

Coming to the conclusion of his blog, the billionaire addressed the wider prospect of the Decentralized Finance industry. The owner notes that Decentralized Finance ventures are by nature not situated in the United States. Then the billionaire went on to blame the lawmakers for restricting the DeFi project which in the process is running the innovation out from the US.

The blog post read as the billionaire described the reason for such moves are because of the ethos of DOAS and the foolishness of the United States regulators to force most innovative businessmen to move away from the US to run businesses.

The owner of Dallas Mavericks forecasts that within the next decade or so we will look at current times and witness when these world-impacting companies came into place. The owner added that among those organizations will include crypto and Decentralized Finance companies topping or getting strong positions on the list. Cuban carried on stating if this continues it will only result in loss of substantial growth prospects for the United States.

Capitalizing on Decentralized Finance projects

The blog also took a deeper dive into Decentralized Finance projects that the owner has invested in such as Aave and Polygon.

The owner states that the major difference compared to decentralized businesses and conventional ones are that the Decentralized Finance companies do not require too large sums of funds to start functioning or are more inclined towards maximizing gains.

The owner however did backtrack from his statement a little by stating that not all crypto or Decentralized Finance projects will pan out. The owner added the digital assets industry is very competitive. But, whenever it comes to convectional vs crypto businesses he will always choose the crypto one.

Cuban states that he takes note of various factors when choosing coins to invest in, which include development rates, the competitiveness of a project is the power behind the community, and the ongoing revenue of the project. Highlighting the power behind a community certainly referred to the owner’s likeness of DOGE.

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