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Japanese Government Strengthen Measures To Stop Illegal Car Trade

Most of the used vehicles imported from Japan are on the basis of fake and forged documents. The signature of TIC and even the stamp of the embassy were forged on documents. Suggestions are made for establishing a digital reviewing system like WEBOC for imported vehicle’s clearance.

Reportedly, the Japanese government increases measures to stop the trade of cars in Pakistan on the basis of illegal and forged documents. Japanese government has started a crackdown against this illegal trade and is raiding car auctions and other places.

Pakistan Embassy in Tokyo said that they are trying their best to control the used Japanese car trade. The embassy said in a statement that they are making efforts in Japan and in Karachi as well. The embassy said that it is trying to resolve the issue which might be causing harm to the legitimate trade.

The Customs office at Karachi recently revealed fraudulent clearance of used Japanese cars on the basis of fake/forged documents. The Customs office believes that the illegal practice is being conducted due to increasing demand from the business community.

Last month, Trade and Investment Counsellor (TIC) reported that imports on the basis of forged documents are being conducted.TIC sent a report to Chief Collector (Appraisement) Customs Karachi, Federal Board of Revenue, and Ministry of Commerce with fake/forged documents. The embassy stated the documents bore fake stamps and seals of embassy and forged signatures of TIC.

In a result to the report by TIC, inquiries were initiated at FBR and Customs offices. Several other similar cases of fraud have been discovered pursuant to the inquiry. The relevant departments have initiated legal proceedings against such customs agents who were involved in these trades.

Most of used cars in Pakistan are imported from Japan. Even though such commercial import is restricted in Pakistan yet the agents have found a loophole in the law.  The cars are imported either under the gift scheme or through the baggage rules.

Nevertheless, the government of Pakistan has failed to control abuse of the policy of baggage and gift schemes.

The Trade and Investment Section of Japan has actively started an investigation in the matter with relevant enforcement authorities.

To address the issue of fake and forged documents for car imports, the embassy appointed a mission. The mission has proposed to adopt a similar WEBOC for automated clearance of cars and other vehicles. The current clearance method for reviewing the imports under the scheme is obsolete and less efficient. The embassy believes with the adoption of an automated system the chances of such illegal imports will be minimized.

The TIC is processing all valid cases diligently being filed by overseas Pakistanis residing in Japan. TIC said that they are resolving such complaints regularly without delays to promote commercial activity. The customs office in Pakistan has guaranteed the clearance of cases of legit imports to the embassy.

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