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Most Extensive Crackdown Launched by Myanmar Police on Protestors

It has now been three weeks since the protestors have been raising their voices against the Myanmar military. The protests were triggered due to the recent coup that was done by the Myanmar military generals against the elected politicians.

However, the Myanmar police have come into action and just carried out a very extensive and thorough operation. The police carried out the operation in the cities and towns of Myanmar and captured many protestors during the operation.

There are reports that during the operation, the Myanmar police ended up hurting a woman protestor very badly. According to local sources, one of the protesting women was wounded as a result of a shot from the police. On the other hand, the Myanmar police had detained dozens of protestors in the process.

Three different local media networks from Myanmar also confirmed the reports around the shooting of the Myanmar police. The media outlets confirmed that the woman shot was present in the central town of Monwya when she was shot and wounded by the police.

Initially, the media outlets informed that the woman shot by the police had passed away. However, the ambulance service that took her away from the place of the incident confirmed that the woman was at the hospital. The service confirmed that the woman is not in a critical condition but she ended up losing a lot of blood, so she is currently very weak.

It is yet to be confirmed as to what was the main cause and were the circumstances that led to the Myanmar police shooting the woman. When approached by the media outlets, none of the Myanmar police officials were available to comment on the recent incident.

The Myanmar police came into action after a United Nations envoy showed up and started speaking for the government that was ousted and was elected by the civilians of Myanmar.

While speaking, the envoy requested the United Nations to look into the matter and use what means were necessary in order to take care of the situation.

The envoy was referring to the February 2, 2021 coup and requested the United Nations to reverse the situation.

There has been a constant conflict in the entire country of Myanmar ever since the military in the country carried out a coup. The Myanmar military successfully carried out a coup, detaining the elected leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, and ceasing power in the entire country.

The military not only captured the leader but members of her party as well. The military alleged the elected government had rigged the elections. This is the reason why they were able to emerge victorious in the elections with a landslide result.

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