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Ripple Is Planning To Resolve The Lawsuit By The End Of 2022

The Ripple corporation is prepared to reach an agreement with the Securities and Exchange Commission by the middle of December.

The overview of the lawsuit

It was recently reported that the long-lasting law dispute between the Ripple corporation and the government is soon to come to an end.

As the SEC was about to give in, the cryptocurrency users were ready to express their opinion.

As of December 10, when C. Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, participated in an Ask Anything on the media, he shared information about a potential deal that had been rumored to exist as early as December 15. It was subsequently reaffirmed that it was just gossip.

In spite of that, there are yet a lot of remarks on the matter of what the lawsuit might show to the crypto trading platforms and the market in general. In a tweet published in December.

The previous member of the US Congress J. Walker, the one who supports cryptocurrency, stated that a negative sentence by the crypto company might be a failure for the overall world and WEB-3.

One must cooperate to change and improve the laws rather than engage in conflict or assert that one group is superior to another.

On December 10th, Gokhshtein Media creator D. Gokhshtein added this statement to a post on social media. 

The Crypto market needs to make an agreement with the state

Not solving this situation might be the worst situation, he added. The crypto community will need Ripple to win.

However, there are several options, according to J. Hogan, a partner at the corporation and a cryptocurrency lawyer.

Hogan stated there’s a hundred percent chance that something will happen soon in his 10th video from December, in which he informs more than a hundred and fifty thousand subscribers that he thinks Ripple has a 50 percent chance of winning. 

According to the lawyer, the fact that there was no post-sale legal obligation to the XRP purchaser, and no post-sale responsibility, i.e., no investment contract, does not mean no deals were made.

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